Ziploc Brand Storage Bags

Ziploc® Brand

SKU: SJN00350

Ziploc® Brand Storage Bags - Large Size - 3.79 L - 10.75" (273.05 mm) Width x 10.55" (267.97 mm) Length - Multi - Plastic - 19/Box - Food, Vegetables, Cosmetics, Seafood, Poultry, Meat, Yarn, Fruit, Business Card, Map Storage bags feature a double-zipper closure to block out air and lock in freshness. Easy-open tab is extended on one end to quickly separate the seal and allow quick access to your contents. Microwave-safe material lets you conveniently defrost or reheat foods. Durable, long-lasting plastic is perfect for storing and organizing vegetables, fruit, cosmetics, yarn, business cards and more.