Post it Flags Orange Lime Pink .94 in wide 60 On the Go Dispenser 1 Dispenser Pack

Post it

SKU: mmm680olp

Post-it® Flags, Orange, Lime, Pink .94 in wide, 60/On-the-Go Dispenser, 1 Dispenser/Pack - 20 x Orange, 20 x Lime Green, 20 x Pink - 0.94" - Plain - Orange, Lime Green, Pink - Writable, Removable, Residue-free - 1 Pack Post-it 1" flags are ideal for marking, tabbing and highlighting information. Vibrantly colored flags stick securely and remove cleanly. Mark the exact page or paragraph where you need to return. Flag material allows you to write on it for reminders and to help keep track of research Dispense one flag at a time from a clear, portable dispenser. The dispenser easily fits inside your briefcase, purse or backpack.