Impact Products Sheild Deluxe First Aid Kit - 1 Each

Impact Products


Impact Products Sheild Deluxe First Aid Kit - 167 x Piece(s) - 9" (228.60 mm) Height x 9" (228.60 mm) Width x 3.50" (88.90 mm) Depth - 1 Each

Deluxe first aid kit features a wide assortment of supplies to help you treat common injuries. Benzalkonium chloride wipes are pre-moistened to quickly help prevent infection in minor wounds when alcohol is unavailable. Alcohol prep pads provide cleansing action for variety of areas. Sterile gauze pads allow you to safely clean wounds or apply medications. Triangular bandage helps relieve tension while supporting arm and shoulder injuries. 2" elastic bandage stretches to provide a comfortable, flexible fit for patients. Instant cold pack provides immediate cooling relief for aches and pains. Adhesive tape and strips allow you to quickly secure items together. Kit also includes PVP prep, adhesive strips, fabric elastoband fingertips, elastoband knuckles, sterilized gauze pads, sterile compress bandage, conforming bandage, scissors, vinyl gloves, first aid pocket guide, fabric bandages, assorted safety pins, forceps/tweezers, cotton tip applicator and more.